Photography for me has always been a very personal and emotional experience - I am drawn to images. It is almost as if they want to be photographed. I find that even if I take several photos of the same subject it is the first image that I usually prefer. I welcome this finding as it gives the image, I believe, a more genuine reflection of what I hoped to capture, which thus reflects my mood and feelings at the moment of taking. As a consequence I am very careful in use the mad Photoshop as it can destroy the freshness and spontaneity of that first image, no matter how subtly.  Some of my photographs have imperfections that have not been corrected intentionally: the world and life is full of imperfections and I recoil at the endless persuit of yet bigger and bigger flawless photographs.

The images on this site are a cross-section of my work; some are more standard landscapes but most are personal images to which I am drawn. This reflects very much my own personality - delving out the simple beauty of the more mundane, the unnoticed, even banal. Also I like to play with images out of context, what exactly are they? what size is everything ? I hope that you enjoy perusing the sets and in particular the Projects which I thoroughly enjoy an feel is my best work..

My first project which I call an "Abstract Representation of Myself", was the culmination of my ideas of me as the photographer, my emotions and psychology. This is a very personal work which I have added some writings, raw emotions, inner ruminations, which reflect the feelings I was having around the time I was taking the photos. It was a very contemplative period for me and I hope some of the emotions and images illuminate the feelings that most of us have at some point in our lives, as well as being thought provoking. The photography in this project was I believe unpremeditated. There is a book with the full set of photographs plus a discussion of the themes from a more theoretical perspective. Please contact me if you would like a copy. “The Place” was a challenge in that it was driven by a client requesting a personal study of their newly acquired house. But it required the same search for emotions and unnoticed details which is so prevalent in my work. “Within and Without” was a project to try and scratch away some layers, delve a little deeper into the natural and man made world. And finally “ManLIne Junction”: a large project in which I have returned to photographing people. I do not see it as portraiture but emotional psychological work which can be seen from many angles, with interplay between me the photographer, the persons being photographed, the locations and the other photographs in the triptychs.  

Do feel free to comment on my work. I always like feedback. And I hope you return to my site to see further projects which will represent a new period in my life.

Rich Cameron
February 2016